If you are a business looking to create a brand, and great first impression, we will work closely with you to come up with your brand.   Here are some great questions to get you started when you think about building your brand.

1.  What makes your business great?  Here are some examples:  Do you make the best pizza or best coffee? Do you have the softest beds in your hotel?
2.  How is your business unique? Here are some examples: Are you an expert in your field?   Are you the only one in your area?   Do you have years of experience?

3.  What is your style?   Do you prefer modest and clean design?  Do you prefer bold designs?   Do you like whimsical designs?  Do you like rustic or antique designs?

4.  What field of business are you in?   Are you in medical?  Do you take care of children?  Do you have a hospitality?  Do you have a food business?
5.  Who is your target market?  (You can’t say “everyone”)  Are your services for children?  Are your products for women?  Do you service groups?  

When you’ve carefully answered these questions you will have a brand statement! 

This statement should answer what makes your business unique, why people should choose you, where your customers come from, and what your style is. 

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