SEO Plans

We build websites using on-page SEO standards, and we have a few free resources for you to use to get your business on the search engines but if you’re not sure what you’r doing, or don’t have time Sunnvalley can handle this for you.

Search Engine Optimization Plans for Local or Niche Marketing

SEO is a long-term game that first starts with analyzing your business’s audience.   Based on findings recommended in the report, implementation will need to take place by the business owner or Sunnvalley.  Implementation can be monitored by you or Sunnvalley can monitor SEO and make minor adjustment using the report and implementation agreement. 

They key to Google ranking success is cohesive, linked content at all times.

Terms of Service

  • These are all one-time fees. Full payment required before work starts.
  • Analysis implementation will require a signed agreement of work.
  • Sales are final
  • Get started any time. 
  • We do not guarantee results
  • Hosting and maintenance is not included in SEO services.  You must purchase that separately.
  • Results are driven from implementation agreement. If you change course from analysis, we’ll need to start over.