Northern Comfort Motel Gets a New Website and New Brand

by | Feb 1, 2022 | What's New at Sunnvalley

In today’s digital age, a compelling online presence is essential for businesses to stand out in a competitive market. Sunnvalley, a leading web design company, recently partnered with Northern Comfort Motel, Colebrook NH – a renowned hospitality establishment—to revamp their website and reinvigorate their brand. This blog post delves into the collaborative journey between Northern Comfort and Sunnvalley, showcasing the range of services provided and the transformative impact on the business. From logo redesign and custom website development to photography and print collateral, Sunnvalley’s expertise has resulted in a refreshed brand experience for Northern Comfort.

Logo Redesign

A logo is the visual representation of a brand and plays a crucial role in establishing brand recognition. Sunnvalley’s talented team undertook the task of redesigning Northern Comfort’s logo, incorporating elements that resonate with the brand’s identity and values. Through meticulous design and attention to detail, Sunnvalley ensured that the new logo conveyed the essence of Northern Comfort’s hospitality, warmth, and exceptional service.

Custom Website Development

To create a seamless digital experience for Northern Comfort’s visitors, Sunnvalley embarked on developing a custom website. This process involved combining captivating visuals, user-friendly navigation, intuitive functionality, and on-page SEO. Sunnvalley’s expertise in web design and development resulted in a visually stunning website that showcases Northern Comfort’s unique offerings and amenities. Coincidentally, the custom website not only elevates the user experience but also reflects the essence of Northern Comfort’s brand identity.

SSL & Backups

Sunnvalley understands the importance of security in the digital landscape. To protect Northern Comfort’s website and customer data, Sunnvalley implemented SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This ensures that all sensitive information transmitted through the website remains secure. Furthermore, Sunnvalley established regular backups of the website, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of Northern Comfort’s valuable digital assets.

Business Email

Using your URL in your email offers several benefits. Firstly, it creates a professional and branded appearance, reinforcing your company’s identity with every communication. Moreover, it enhances credibility, as recipients are more likely to trust emails sent from their own domain. Additionally, it promotes brand recognition, making it easier for recipients to remember and find your website. Furthermore, it increases security by reducing the risk of phishing attacks, as emails from your domain are more easily verified. Finally, it provides consistency across all communication channels, reinforcing your brand message and ensuring a cohesive brand experience for your audience.

Custom Reservation Form

To streamline the booking process and enhance the user experience, Sunnvalley developed a custom reservation form for Northern Comfort’s website. This form allows guests to easily check availability, select preferred dates, and provide necessary details for their stay. The seamless integration of the reservation form simplifies the booking process. This creates a frictionless experience for guests and optimizes Northern Comfort’s operational efficiency.

Commercial Photography

Visual imagery plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence of a hospitality establishment. Sunnvalley collaborated with Northern Comfort to create visually stunning photography that showcases the beauty of the property and its surroundings. Through expert composition and artistic direction, Sunnvalley’s photography captures the unique ambiance and comfort that Northern Comfort offers its guests.

Print Collateral

Moreover, in addition to the digital transformation, Sunnvalley assisted Northern Comfort in revitalizing their print collateral. This included designing eye-catching business cards, rack cards, room cards, and gift certificates. Furthermore, by aligning the visual branding across digital and physical mediums. In conclusion, Sunnvalley ensured a cohesive and memorable brand experience for Northern Comfort’s guests.

Northern Comfort’s transformation, guided by Sunnvalley, showcases the strength of strategic collaboration and web design expertise. With logo redesign, custom website development, SSL implementation, business email setup, custom reservation forms, captivating photography, and refreshing print collateral, Sunnvalley has enhanced Northern Comfort’s brand experience. Our subscription design packages are tailored to assist any business in getting started. These transformative services enable Northern Comfort to engage effectively with guests, leave lasting impressions, and deliver exceptional hospitality.

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