Stratford NH’s Customized Municipal Web Design

by | May 2, 2024 | Case Studies

A professional municipal web design is essential for engaging with residents and streamlining administrative processes. Stratford, New Hampshire, located in the Great North Woods, Coos County, NH, wanted a new website to better serve its community. The town’s vision was clear: a user-friendly website that not only provided essential information but also fostered greater civic participation. In partnership with SunnValley LLC, the Town of Stratford began a transformation to redesign its website. This resulted in a custom municipal website to fit its unique needs.

Town of Stratford Municipal Website, Stratford NH Web Design
Town of Stratford Municipal Website, Stratford NH Web Design

Understanding the Challenge

The town of Stratford NH faced several challenges with its previous website. Navigation was cumbersome, essential information was buried deep within pages, and the design lacked visual appeal. Moreover, the existing platform lacked functionality for efficiently managing meeting minutes, agendas, and events calendars. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the town leadership decided to collaborate with SunnValley to overhaul its digital infrastructure. See our news announcing Stratford NH website launch.

Customization for Seamless Navigation

The main idea of the project was to create a website that prioritized user experience. Understanding the diverse needs of the community, SunnValley’s strategy implemented a customizable menu and tab system. This allowed visitors to effortlessly navigate through different sections. These sections include information on local government, community events, or municipal services.

By consulting closely with the Stratford town office, SunnValley ensured that the website’s structure was designed with the town’s priorities. Each menu item was carefully created to provide quick access to virtual resources. Menu items included contact information for town departments, forms for permits and licenses, and updates on town projects and initiatives.

A Municipal Web Design Reflects Local Identity

A professional municipal web design can play a big role in users’ perceptions of a website. SunnValley worked with the town of Stratford NH to design a visually appealing design that resonated with the town’s identity. The town had full control over color schemes, button styles, fonts, and logo design, ensuring that the website reflected their town.

The result was a blend of modern design elements for UX and UI design. From the color palette inspired by the town’s legacy to the carefully chosen typography. Stratford NH’s new website enhanced readability, and every aspect of the design was customized for the local government and its citizens.

Empowering Self-Management

One of the key requirements for the new website was to empower the town to manage its content efficiently. To achieve this, the development team integrated robust content management tools that allowed town officials to update meeting minutes, agendas, and event calendars with ease.

Through intuitive administrative interfaces, authorized personnel could upload documents, schedule events, and make announcements without requiring technical expertise. This ensured that information was promptly updated, keeping residents informed about the latest developments in the town.

Web Design Results and Impact

The launch of the customized municipal website marked a significant milestone for the town of Stratford NH. A website creates digital engagement and transparency. As a result residents can access the information they need more easily due to a new intuitive design. The new website has enhanced functionality. This makes it easier than ever to access vital resources and stay informed about town affairs.

Self-management capabilities allow town officials to take ownership of the website’s content, fostering a sense of community pride and accountability. By centralizing information and streamlining administrative processes, the website became a hub for civic engagement, facilitating communication between the town government and its constituents.

The successful collaboration between Stratford NH and SunnValley shows the transformative potential of digital innovation in municipal governance.

Communities continue to embrace the Internet and doing business online. The lessons learned from Stratford’s journey serve as a blueprint for other municipalities seeking to enhance their online presence. If you are looking for more municipal case studies, visit this Colebrook’s case study.

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