The Town of Stratford, NH Gets a New Custom Website

by | Apr 10, 2023 | What's New at Sunnvalley

Sunnvalley LLC., an NH web design company that specializes in creating custom websites and branding solutions for individuals and organizations. Recently, the company had the opportunity to work with the Town of Stratford NH. They built a new custom website and created a new logo and brand for the town. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Sunnvalley collaborated with the Town of Stratford NH to create a website that meets their unique needs.

Sunnvalley’s Expertise and Commitment

Sunnvalley earns recognition for its expertise in utilizing the latest technologies and its commitment to collaborating with individuals and groups. The company has access to a small team of highly skilled staff. Sunnvalley’s CEO and owner, Roxanne, directs projects with a passion for delivering exceptional results to clients. Sunnvalley takes the time to understand its clients’ needs and goals.

Collaboration with the Town of Stratford NH

When the Town of Stratford NH approached Sunnvalley to build a new custom website, Roxanne was excited to take on the challenge. The town wanted a website that would serve as a hub of information for residents and visitors alike. They wanted to provide access to town news, events, and services.

In-depth Analysis and Custom Design

To begin the project, Sunnvalley conducted an in-depth analysis of the town’s needs and goals. They worked closely with the town’s representatives to understand their vision. We also wanted to ensure that the website would meet their specific requirements. Roxanne created a custom design that would showcase the town’s unique character and appeal to its residents and visitors.

Visually Stunning and Highly Functional Website

The website that Sunnvalley created for the Town of Stratford NH is both visually stunning and highly functional. The design is clean and modern, featuring a simple color palette that reflects the town’s natural beauty. The layout is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear sections for town news, events, and services.

New Logo and Brand Creation

In addition to building the website, Sunnvalley also created a new logo and brand for the Town of Stratford NH. The logo is simple and elegant, featuring the town’s name in bold letters, with train, and river graphics that represent the town’s history.

Utilization of Latest Technologies

Sunnvalley used the latest technologies and techniques to build the Town of Stratford NH’s website. The site is built on WordPress, a content management system that allows the town’s representatives to easily update and manage the site’s content.

Commitment to Client Needs

Sunnvalley’s commitment to working directly with individuals and small groups was evident throughout the entire project. The company worked closely with the town’s representatives to ensure that the website and branding met their specific needs and goals.

Exceptional Results and Continued Support

The Town of Stratford NH’s new website and branding are a testament to Sunnvalley’s expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Sunnvalley will continue to provide support and maintenance as long as the town of Stratford NH needs it.

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