Sunnvalley Studio

Sunnvalley has been around since dial-up!
Established in 2007, Sunnvalley began building websites using dial-up internet and a spare bedroom.  In 2009, Roxanne converted her walk-out basement into a large office.  In 2015 she purchased a property on main street Colebrook NH, and in 2016 a new office was built.  Also in 2016 Sunny Valley Creations was rebranded to be Sunnvalley. In 2019 Roxanne graduated with Summa Cum Laude from Southern NH University with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design & Media Arts, which couples with her associate degree in computer information systems.

Sunnvalley's Team
Sunnvalley is a virtual company with a core group of 5 people, and trusted vendors.  Two team members have been with Roxanne since the beginning, and now we have 3 more.  Sunnvalley's team works together on projects to give our clients professional products and services on time and on budget.

Your Experience at Sunnvalley
Clients work directly with the designer and project manager, Roxanne Herres. Roxanne is ready to listen to your ideas and work together to come up with solutions for your business.

Sunnvalley is affordable.  
We work with any size company and any industry.  Our team is versatile and available as needed.  It's an agency feel without the agency.

Sunnvalley is informative.  
Sunnvalley blogs about things that could help your business!  We don't send out a lot of emails, but periodically we like to keep in touch with our clients to let them know what's new.

Sunnvalley one-stop shop.
You can get it all here from start to finish: branding, design, coding, website tools with 24/7 support, professional photography, and online marketing.

Sunnvalley's Geo 
Sunnvalley is always looking to branch out of our little town in Northern NH.  We are not afraid to travel and see what your business is all about or come see Roxanne at the studio. 

Sunnvalley's Tech
Roxanne spends a significant amount of time studying design trends.  The software in the office and online is always the latest version so that we can provide top-notch products and services to our clients.