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About Web Design


Professional Web Development

Sunnvalley Studio uses the latest technologies to build custom websites for each and every client we work with.   We have been developing websites for customers throughout Northern New England, including New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, since 2007.  We have an enormous amount of experience working with small to mid-sized businesses, helping them brand and grow their business online.

Responsive Designs and Content Management Systems

Sunnvalley Studio creates websites that are built with Responsive Design using Content Management Systems.  Responsive design means websites are visible on multiple devices including desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.   These websites expand and contract depending on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, making your website readily available to a larger audience.

New technology for your website.

Each year Sunnvalley Studio brings to you some of our latest technologies.  In 2018 website designs include new scrolling, menu, and response features.  There are also features, such as using larger fonts, professional photography, and graphic design, that can make your website pop. We can help your website make a great first impression for your business. How is your business being represented?  Is it time for an update?

Your website is a visual representation of your business and should be something you are extremely proud of showing off.  Sunnvalley Studio can help you achieve your website goals with a free first-time consult and free estimate.  We will help you reach your goals and provide you with a website that has a clean and neat design that is easy to find on the web, easy for your customers to use, and fun to come back to!

Check out some of the websites in our Portfolio Gallery.  We hope to help you with your website design needs!