Sunnvalley Studio

Covid-19 Notice - We are open for business.

Sunnvalley is open for business by email, phone, and by appointment at the studio.  Since Sunnvalley is a low-volume (no crowds) business, it's very easy for me to keep things clean.  I am taking every precaution to keep myself and my family healthy through eating healthy, taking vitamins and immune-boosting supplements as well as keeping everything disinfected so you don't have to worry about catching anything from me!  

Market your website for free. 

If you have a website and would like to update the content, photos, and work on search engine optimization, you can request a user login and password for your website.   Once this is established you can register to Sunnvalley to see online tutorials on how to edit your site and to ask questions. 

Catch a break on upcoming renewals.

Upcoming hosting and security renewals can be paid by the month instead of by the year until you are ready to pay for a year.

Leverage your website's capabilities. 

Sunnvalley can create forms and tools on your website for your customers to use.

Sunnvalley can set up a blog or news page on your website so that you can post news, updates, at-home tip, training, applications, booking, contact forms for your customers.

Sunnvalley can add a newsletter feature to your website so that you can collect emails from your customers and send them the latest news about your business. 

Contact me by email for more information.




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