photo display

I am not just a photographer, but a print maker.

Technology comes and goes.  You never know where your digital images can end up!  Do you bring people to your computer and say: “Let me show you all of my family photos,” or would you prefer to show an album of your wedding, a canvas of your family on the wall?  There is nothing like a print you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall, or display in an album.  It’s a tangible selection of a point of time in your life.  

There is a story behind every face.  As a portrait photographer and artist, it is my job to capture the essence of your story as a work of art; from capture, to print and display.

When you hang your portraits, you can enjoy them and look at them every single day!

When you look at your portrait, it can remind you of how beautiful you are. A portrait chosen by a parent to be printed and displayed can make a child feel special.  A portrait of your senior on display can remind them of their importance in family life! Can you get this from your computer?  Not really. 

It is my job to capture milestones, celebrations, and moments in your lives that you can cherish forever. You can do this by displaying beautiful prints in a variety of ways that fit your lifestyle through wall art, albums, framed prints, canvases and more.


Let Sunnvalley take care of everything for you!    

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