How to add PDF to an Article

How to add a PDF to an article.

  1. go to the article you want to add the pdf link to
  2. go to chain link button
  3. go to end of URL box there are two icons, click on the one that says “Browse” when you hover
  4. file browser will open, click upload button, drag or browse to your document
  5. Hit upload
  6. your file name will show “sample.pdf” or my-sample-19.pdf. You have to remember or copy this name.
  7. add content to your article
  8. highlight your content that you want to link to the PDF
  9. click on the chain link again, then the browse icon again
  10. click on the document you want
  11. click insert
  12. link to your document should appear in URL area (ie. images/sample.pdf)
  13. go to target, select open in new window
  14. click on insert
  15. save article