Hosting and Maintenance Plans

Keep your website safe and current with a hosting maintenance plan.

A small portion of the monthly fee goes toward actual hosting and the remainder goes to monitoring, reporting, large and small updates, offsite weekly backups, traffic analytics, access to support, and priority service.

We are in your corner every for less than $2.00 a day! No setup fee.

Terms of Service

  • Hosting and Maintenance Plans are contracted for 12 months.
  • Cancellations require 50% of the remaining contract fee
  • No setup fee.
  • Get started anytime.
  • These packages are for Sunnvalley-hosted customers. Maintenance on other hosted platforms is an additional $50.00 a month.
  • Any additional items beyond the subscribed package will be billed accordingly by the quarter.  If you go 4 quarters with overages, you will go up a package.
  • Late fees may be applied. If not paid within two months, all services will be suspended until paid up
  • Pricing and policy subject to change at anytime.


Q. Why are some of the text in bold and some not. 
A. The regular text is what’s included in hosting, and bold is what’s included in maintenance. If you don’t have a plan, you are missing out on all the other features.

Q. What is Priority Service?
A.  Expect quicker response times to your requests. 

Q. What’s included in support?
A.  You can request work you’d like us to do in the upcoming month, phone support, and request SEO for the allotted time you subscribe for.

Q. Why are there two backups
A. One is an offsite backup, and one is a server backup.  If the server crashes we still have a good backup of your website off-site. 

Q. What is the SEO Tool. 
A.  Search Engine Optimization tool in your website you can log in and use, or we can use it if you request SEO updates.