Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your customers with email marketing.  

Email marketing is a great way to share new offerings, promotions, sales, discounts, news, tips, events or other useful information with your customers.  Email marketing service is a powerful tool if used properly. Consistency with timing, language, tone, and design are all keys to email marketing success.  For example, sending quality content instead of a sales pitch.  Email design includes using proper grammar, spelling, use of colors and photos are all important aspects of creating a professional-looking, successful marketing email or email campaigns.

Email Marketing Plan + Content

Let us take care email marketing for you!  Professional quality, on-time, managed email campaigns.

1. Set up Targeted Groups
Subscribers can choose to sign up for events, news, or sales.  

2. Create a Campaign Schedule
Sunnvalley can create scheduled email “blasts” ahead of time, and set the date and time for them to be distributed.  Also, you can decide if you want fresh content sent daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

3. Link to Landing Pages (web or social)
Sunnvalley can create landing pages for more details to funnel traffic through your website.

4. Create Messages
Working together with your business, Sunnvalley can copyright your messages, add photos, and call-to-action links. A preview will be sent to you for approval before sending to subscribers.

5. Monitor Results and ROI
Reports are gathered and sent to you. Coupled with your results of sales, we can determine ROI.

DIY Email Marketing Plans

Collect subscribers and send out professional looking emails: 
See our plans: