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New Partnership with CEDC - Website Assistance Program


New Website Assistance Program

CEDC is partnering with Sunnvalley in Colebrook, NH on a NEW Website Assistance Program to help you create or update your website. If you own a restaurant, bakery, gift shop, or retail store, now is the time to connect with the public and engage with new and existing customers.

If your business is in Coos Country, you may be eligible to qualify for a technical assistance grant that will cover 85% of the website design cost.

To learn more, visit or call 603-788-3900.

Subscriber feature on your website.


Subscribers for news and marketing.Sunnvalley Sample Newsletter Template

A website tool that would benefit any business is an email subscription feature.  Many businesses have this feature on their websites.  It’s simple to set up and a great way to get the word out to your subscribers.  It's affordable, secure and easy to use.  Includes templates and stock photography. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

"Email marketing has been described as the highest-ROI online marketing strategy, when implemented properly, with 67 percent of businesses listing it as their highest earner." -

Here are the steps for setting this up. 

1. Subscribe to Email Marketing.  

2. Log in to Email Marketing and select opt-in options such as a popup box, side slide-out (see my home page), or button linking to the subscribe page.  

3. Continue to Email Marketing set up. 

  • I would recommend the double-opt-in where users enter information such as first name, last name, email, and news category.  Once they hit enter a message appears that they need to verify their subscription via email.  The subscriber would go to their email and verify using the link in the email. 
  • Set up a drip campaign or thank you page. 
  • Set up types of newsletter categories if need be, ie. news, sales, tips, groups
  • Set up templates with logo, brand colors, font choices.

4.  Add opt-ins to your website.  

5.  Create campaigns as needed.

Benefits to your subscribers.

Email marketing is a great way to notify subscribers about news, events, sales, tips, and education.

This subscription feature could be set up as a popup on the website or as an opt-in button on your website. 

Contact Sunnvalley for more information.

Studio Hours


COVID-19 Notice - Studio Hours

Sunnvalley is open for business by email, and phone. I am doing my part and keeping the studio closed to help slow the spread. Keep healthy and safe and hope to see you soon! 

Market your website for free. 

If you have a website and would like to update the content, photos, and work on search engine optimization, you can request a user login and password for your website.   Once this is established you can register to Sunnvalley to see online tutorials on how to edit your site and to ask questions. 

Catch a break on upcoming renewals.

Upcoming hosting and security renewals can be paid by the month instead of by the year until you are ready to pay for a year.

Leverage your website's capabilities. 

Sunnvalley can create forms and tools on your website for your customers to use.

Sunnvalley can set up a blog or news page on your website so that you can post news, updates, at-home tip, training, applications, booking, contact forms for your customers.

Sunnvalley can add a newsletter feature to your website so that you can collect emails from your customers and send them the latest news about your business. 

Contact me by email for more information.




5 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging


sunnvalleywebsiteIf you have a business or organization, I recommend you blog about it. Here are 5 reasons why you should blog about your products or services. 

1.  SEO (search engine optimization) Search engines are constantly crawling the web looking for new and relevant content.  Blogging is a great free way to increase organic search engine optimization results. 

2.  Attract your target audience. Blogging keeps your business current for your viewers which creates returning visitors.

3.  Announcements, news & events. Blogging is a great way to announce news, events, sales and behind the scenes information. 

4.  Create a conversation.  By using a comments feature, you can create a conversation on your posts.  This is a great way to network.

5.  Authenticity.  Blogging is a great way for readers to get to know you and your business, and feel personally connected.

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10 Reasons to Hire Professional Web Developer


SUN 3137Technology is here to stay! If you have a business you need a website.  Since this is the single most important marketing aspect of your business, it should look professional.  Your website should reflect your brand or aesthetic of your business.  This is how you attract the right customers for your business.  Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a professional developer.  

1.  Save time!  It's faster for a web developer to create your website, giving you time to focus on your business. 

2.  Your website should be custom and not use templates to reflect your brand. 

3.  Web developers implement search engine optimization strategies during the design process. 

4.  Web developers can test and customize sites for mobility as they are built. 

5.  A web designer understands (UI) user interface, selecting the perfect fonts, spacing, colors, and images to use to make your site look professional.

6.  Web developers understand user experience (UX), creating navigation, links, and content placement for lead capture.

7.  Web developers know what the latest design and marketing trends are.

8.  A professional website gives your business credibility.

9.  Custom sites set you apart from the competition.   

10. Developers know which tools to use to check for broken links, content issues, SEO, install traffic reporting tools.  


January 2020 News at Sunnvalley


wordcloudI can't believe it is 2020 already!  This January is Sunnvalley's 13th year in business!

In August 2019 I became an official Graphic and Media Designer, earning a Bachelor's Degree and graduating Summa cum laude (high honors) from SNHU.  I've been putting my new skills to work as you can see in my graphic design portfolio and web design portfolio.

This January, I updated the Web Design Packages as well as added NEW Website Care Packages.  Website Care Packages work perfectly for anyone who has a website, not just Sunnvalley customers.  

Our Web Design Packages include hosting, domain registrations, security, and copywriting, updates, backups, training and email accounts and more.  The Website Design Package, or Website Care Package keep your online marketing efforts relevant, fast, and secure for YOUR customers. 

What is the difference between the two?  A Web Design Package is used during the design process. A Website Care Package is the maintenance of an existing site.   

To find out more about our web design packages, contact me or get started with a free quote.

Sunnvalley also has a new Web Design Checkup service.  It's like going to the doctor's office! Sunnvalley will review your website and host and you will receive a checkup report. There is a lot of great information that comes from these reports, find out more

We also have a new referral plan.  Want to make an easy $50.00!  Refer A Friend.

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Consumers searching for your business online


Mobile Website DesignIf you have a business and no website, you are missing out on the opportunity to tell your customers all about your business! 

In an article, Forbes stated: “Only 51% of small businesses have a website. That’s a major concern when you have 97% of consumers searching for products and services online. If you haven’t done so already, start getting to work on your website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy or complicated. Keep it simple with pages that showcase your work, a bio, contact information, testimonials, and a blog where you can share your expertise and unique voice."

Sunnvalley can help you get started with a domain registration & hosting services. We can also custom design your website and keep it updated for you, or train you on how to use it. Sunnvalley also provides monthly search engine optimization services to get your website noticed on the web!

If you are just starting out with your new business, Sunnvalley can create a new brand for you.  If you already have a website, Sunnvalley will transfer your current website to Sunnvalley hosting for free!  Our pricing is competitive with all other hosting companies. Also, we can take a look at your current brand and see if there is room for enhancements!