Pay As You Go

Pay as you go custom website design are non-contracted.

Custom CMS Design is a pay-as-you-go program which is essentially à la carte.  This is the original program Sunnvalley Studio has used to develop custom websites for clients since we began building websites in 2007.    Starting with a consultation, we will give you a free estimate for your project.  Before the development begins, Sunnvalley requires a 50% or $200.00 deposit.  Additional hours and items are billed for at the end of each month.  You can start small, and pay as you go!  Hosting and domain registration are due annually.  With Custom CMS Design plan, there are no contracts with monthly fees!  This program works perfect for businesses who would prefer to maintain their own website. Contact us for a price list for each of the services listed below.  If you would prefer monthly updates done by Sunnvalley, and no annual fees for hosting and domain registration, as well as spreading out your payments, you may choose from our other three plans, Informational, Ecommerce, or Directory websites.

Single Custom Design

All of our websites are built with CMS (Content Management Systems) and Responsive Design for mobile devices.
1 Custom Design Layout
• Custom Header
• Custom Template
• Custom Navigation
• Custom Footer
• 1 Menu & 1 Link
• Home Page (no content or images)
You provide logo, content, and images for the design layout only.

Web Site Training, Maintenance, & Support

• by email, phone, meeting or otherwise

Add and set up database directory.

• Database Category
• Database Listing
• Database Photos (additional photos)
• Database Feature (additional features)

Add and set up e-commerce.

• Category, Ecommerce Category
• Products, Ecommerce Products
• Product Photos (additional product photos)
• Ecommerce Features (additional feature to Ecommerce Website)
  Ecommerce websites require security Level 2

Security for your website.

• Security Level One
Hosting (no extra security) (see their terms) + Sunnvalley incorporated security (see our terms).
If your website becomes infected, there is a fee for recovery.

• Security Level 2
Hosting Provider Security+ Sunnvalley incorporated security (see our terms)
If your website becomes infected, there is a fee for recovery.

• Security Level SSL for merchant services on website or collecting private information
Hosting Provider Security+ Sunnvalley incorporated security (see our terms)
If your website becomes infected, there is a fee for recovery.

Setting up services from 3d party hosting and domain services.

3rd party charges may apply according to your company’s plans and policies.
• Setting up a website on non-Sunnvalley hosting
• Setting up DNS or domain on non-Sunnvalley domain hosting
• Setting up Email on non-Sunnvalley hosting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Search Engine Optimization (Meta Data, Keywords & Submitting)
• Google Sitemap
• Google Analytics Report

Email hosting and accounts.

• Email, includes email account with your website: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Email Hosting & Accounts, domain and Email hosted with 5 emails

Web design extras!

• Listing Page (Lists pages with “read more” buttons)
• Additional Web Pages
• Short Form (10 Field short form)
• Long Form (Up to 25 fields)
• Activate Search Feature
• Positioned Banners
• CMS Users
• Hyperlinks
• 5 Image Slide Show
• YouTube Video (adding existing video)
• Additional CMS Training by the Hour
• User Registration (activate user registration)
• Additional Template (using multiple templates with your site)
• Copywriting (content writing services)

Social Media

• Facebook Business Account (Set-up of business page)
• Twitter Account (Connect Facebook and Twitter)
• Social Bookmarking (Active Bookmark Feature)
• Google Plus Account
• Blogger, Blogger account and Custom Blog

Newsletter & Email Marketing

• Email Marketing Integration
• User training or support
• Template and/or category design

Graphic Design Services

• Logo Design, Brand your business
• Small Print Design (items smaller than brochure and 2 side design)
• Medium Print Design (Larger more detailed Media Design)
• Large Print Design (Larger Detailed Media)

Commercial Photography

Does not include digital or print copies, they are sold separately.
• Here at the studio
• Location per hour plus $ per mile from studio out and back.

An initial payment with Sunnvalley is an agreement to our Terms of Service. All of our prices are subject to change at any time.