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Social Media's Impact on Photography

In the early 2000s early forms of social media were blogging, MySpace and LinkedIn were places to share personal content and photos and also have a following.  Blogging is more popular than ever, MySpace still exists and LinkedIn has moved to support business aspects of social media such as job searches, resumes, business news, business contacts etc.  By 2006 Facebook and Twitter became popular followed by Instagram in 2010, then Snapchat which is most recent. 

Out of all of these social medias mentioned the most photographically driven social media platform. The app is designed to take a photo first then add your comment to the photo.  Other socials medias allow for text and/or image.

Instagram’s use of photography has made the world smaller because you can visit anywhere in the world in a split second.  I follow Natgeo on Insta and they post photos of landscapes, animals, and cultures all over the world, all day long.  I am a visual person, so I am able to remember the names of places and learn about countries I’ve never heard of every day!

Shared human experiences and meaningful content have homogenized photographs as a result.  The capabilities of cell phones as well as the affordability of digital cameras has made it easier than ever to get the perfect photo.   Also, the filters available on Instagram can assist in a quick collection of photos to appear as a series.  For example, a series of black and white images of portraits, food or of leaves is quick and easy on Instagram.   

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of amateur photographers out there who use bad compositions, bad lighting, weird subject matter.  I don’t think the art of photography is completely lost to a professional photograph!  There is an art to telling a story using images, there is an art to color harmony, foreground, background, use of thirds, depth and lines can all be studied and perfected and create images above all others that make you want to scroll back up and see who the “photographer” was. 

 This was a fun topic for me to write about for my History of Photography class that I am taking as part of my studies earing a Bachelor Degree in Graphic & Media Design.   Please leave me a comment below.  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Photography was invented to be printed.

photo display

I am not just a photographer, but a print maker.

Technology comes and goes.  You never know where your digital images can end up!  Do you bring people to your computer and say: “Let me show you all of my family photos,” or would you prefer to show an album of your wedding, a canvas of your family on the wall?  There is nothing like a print you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall, or display in an album.  It’s a tangible selection of a point of time in your life.  

There is a story behind every face.  As a portrait photographer and artist, it is my job to capture the essence of your story as a work of art; from capture, to print and display.

When you hang your portraits, you can enjoy them and look at them every single day!

When you look at your portrait, it can remind you of how beautiful you are. A portrait chosen by a parent to be printed and displayed can make a child feel special.  A portrait of your senior on display can remind them of their importance in family life! Can you get this from your computer?  Not really. 

It is my job to capture milestones, celebrations, and moments in your lives that you can cherish forever. You can do this by displaying beautiful prints in a variety of ways that fit your lifestyle through wall art, albums, framed prints, canvases and more.


Let Sunnvalley take care of everything for you!    

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2018 Weddings

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years.  I get a lot of requests for a few hours coverage and a smaller packages.  This year, 2018, I decided to specialize only in casual and intimate weddings.   Find out more>>

Creating a New Business Name

Last year, 2017 was my first full year in the new studio located at 232 Main Street Colebrook, NH.  It was also the year I changed the business name from Sunny Valley Creations to Sunnvalley.  After 2 years of researching business names Sunnvalley was created.  This name combines parts of our old name into one word that is unique to my brand.  

I didn not want to use my personal name or a geographic name.  I also didn't want the words graphic, web, design, or photography to stand out more than each other.  

I wanted a name that is easily recognizable! Both studios located in the Connecticut River Valley, this is where the word "valley" comes from.  There are several reasons why I chose the word "sun".  The word “sun” has a positive connotation. It’s also one syllable.  It is easy to say, hear, spell and remember.  This is key for a good business name. 

One final challenge was researching the name and phrases online, and finding a name that was affordable to register as a domain. Some other names that I chose were good but the domains with the .com were thousands of dollars, and there were plenty of other companies using the same business names and modifying the domains.  This can be confusing for a consumer and doesn’t make a business name unique at all! I am very happy with my new business name and Sunnvalley paired with the word "studio" has a good ring to it!

Moving forward into 2018, I hope to continue my branding efforts by using our new logo and brand colors on all of our marketing materials and updating all of my social media and directory listings.  Wish me luck!