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Photography was invented to be printed.

photo display

I am not just a photographer, but a print maker.

Technology comes and goes.  You never know where your digital images can end up!  Do you bring people to your computer and say: “Let me show you all of my family photos,” or would you prefer to show an album of your wedding, a canvas of your family on the wall?  There is nothing like a print you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall, or display in an album.  It’s a tangible selection of a point of time in your life.  

There is a story behind every face.  As a portrait photographer and artist, it is my job to capture the essence of your story as a work of art; from capture, to print and display.

When you hang your portraits, you can enjoy them and look at them every single day!

When you look at your portrait, it can remind you of how beautiful you are. A portrait chosen by a parent to be printed and displayed can make a child feel special.  A portrait of your senior on display can remind them of their importance in family life! Can you get this from your computer?  Not really. 

It is my job to capture milestones, celebrations, and moments in your lives that you can cherish forever. You can do this by displaying beautiful prints in a variety of ways that fit your lifestyle through wall art, albums, framed prints, canvases and more.


Let Sunnvalley take care of everything for you!    

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2018 Weddings

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years.  I get a lot of requests for a few hours coverage and a smaller packages.  This year, 2018, I decided to specialize only in casual and intimate weddings.   Find out more>>

It's Winter Portrait Season!

Winter Portrait Teen

Photographer Roxanne loves winter portrait sessions! Dress up with hats, scarves, mittens, and bring a cozy blanket to match. If you have cute mugs you want to bring for your session, hot cocoa or hot coffee will be provided for you to enjoy and take photos with. We have sleds, lights, chalk boards and artificial snow to use for your seasonal session. Sessions can be taken inside the studio, outside, or both. Photographer Roxanne is also a designer with an expertise in color, and special effects to create a unique work of art for you! Winter portrait sessions are available at Sunnvalley Studio or at special outdoor locations. Perfect for wintertime pictures all season long, or pictures for the holidays. Find out more about our sessions and specials.


You have a friend who has a nice camera and is willing to take some shots of you and your family. Why should you choose Sunnvalley—and Roxanne—instead?

Roxanne Herres is and award winning, published, professional photographer. She has been the only full time photographer in the area for over 10 years and she has both indoor and outdoor staging areas.

Her indoor studio features professional lighting with more than twenty backdrops, a variety of seating arrangements, and a collection of props, like baskets, antique crates and trunks, blankets, head bands, and flower clips. The Studio also offers mirrored changing areas, hair products, and a steam iron to keep your garments, and you, looking fresh.

Sunnvalley’s outdoor staging areas include a large field, old and new fences, benches, an antique red barn, and beautiful private areas with views of the mountains. The outdoor studio allows for pets, and automobiles to be included in your portraits.

Roxanne’s study of media design, composition, color harmony, and video technology help to enhance the artistry of your portraits. She uses light and shadow, incorporating natural lighting as well as professional soft-boxes and umbrella lighting in the studio, to capture the true essence and personality of her subjects.

Before breaking out the camera, Roxanne takes time to get to know your family during the pre-session consult. During the consult she will answer any questions you have, plan your session, and learn about you. The fun and friendly atmosphere of Sunnvalley Studio makes it easy for you to relax, smile, and have your best qualities memorialized.

Once your session has taken place, Roxanne uses the latest technologies in photo editing software to give your images the best possible finish (eyes, skin, hair, clothing, backgrounds, exposures, coloring, and cropping). She has extensive experience composing photos with additional graphics such as falling leaves, falling snow, or multiple images.

Sunnvalley uses only the best available print options. Roxanne takes pride in more than just the composition of her photographs. She wants your printed portraits to last as long as the memories that come with them. Small print orders are completed with archival papers and inks. Larger orders are aligned with only the best print labs in the industry.

Sunnvalley Studio is open five days a week, with appointments available during after-hours. We offer a Referral Loyalty Program and monthly and seasonal specials.

Roxanne’s prices are reasonable; she states “I charge what I would be willing to pay” and she delivers.

Because you can never get this time back, because your portraits should capture your personality and lifestyle, and because you want images that you can cherish for a lifetime—these are the reasons you want to hire the best at Sunnvalley Studio.